R&D Tax Credits

R&D Tax Credits Shipleys Tax Advisors

To date we have helped claim over £2M Research and Development (“R&D”) tax refunds for our clients. We help you access hidden value in your business or commercial property through R&D Tax Credits and also Property Capital Allowances.

Whatever your industry if you have business that is innovating, developing new, or improving existing products, processes, services, devices and materials then you could be in line for substantial tax relief or tax credits. This will significantly boost your cash flow giving you the freedom to expand your business and innovate further. This is not a tax planning scheme as such but a government backed tax saving designed to boost innovation and trade.

Our R&D Team is headed up by an Ex-HMRC R&D Inspector of Taxes with over 23 years experience.

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What is Research & Development 
tax relief?

Research and Development tax relief is given to businesses that invest in innovation and research. This innovation can be in the form of developing new IT systems, processes, products, materials, devices, or any changes to the way your business works.

Most people think it’s for people in white lab coats – but the chances are your business is doing R&D without even realising it!

Our team, headed up by an ex-HMRC Inspector, are experts in R&D legislation. We will determine if your activities are eligible for tax relief and if so, we’ll get you the maximum possible return at the best possible value.

Call us to check if what you can claim on: 0114 272 4984

How does it work?

There are absolutely NO UPFRONT fees. If we can’t add value, then no fees are payable. It is a true No win, No fee basis.

  1. First, we carry out a no risk assessment 
  2. We will then produce a preliminary report with our findings.
  3. Once you are happy to go ahead we will prepare the R&D Tax Report for HMRC.
  4. Claim Tax Relief from HMRC.

Call us to check if what you can claim on: 0114 272 4984

Do I qualify?

You would be surprised by what is eligible for R&D tax relief – it’s not just for people in white lab coats! Essentially think about anything that helps you gain a competitive advantage in a new and innovative way could be eligible for tax relief.

Scientific research is also eligible, but so are activities such as:

New Software/IT/App development
Waste Reduction
Development of innovative recipes/formulas
Development of new materials
Improved processes or systems
Development of new products

The tax laws around R&D tax relief are complicated, and the criteria for eligibility can be ambiguous. In order to get the maximum tax relief return, you need to have the best experts on your side. 

There’s no risk attached and the initial assessment will only take around thirty minutes of your time. We’ll thoroughly assess you and if we can’t see an opportunity for you to claim R&D tax relief, you walk away without spending a penny.

What can I claim for?

Typical claim items include staff costs, materials, utilities, reimbursed travel costs and sub-contractor costs. As a specialist R&D firm, we have a detailed understanding of Research & Development practice and legislation and will conduct a detailed assessment of your business to ensure that every opportunity for Research & Development tax relief is identified.

How can we help?

Shipleys Tax are experts in specialist areas of tax relief. We have been helping clients secure tax reliefs for over 20 years and have identified millions in tax benefit for our clients to date.

Headquartered in Sheffield, with offices in London and Manchester we work with businesses, Accountants and Solicitors throughout the UK. Our team is headed up by an ex-HMRC Inspector of Taxes overseeing a team of in-house experts which includes Tax Technicians, Accountants and Lawyers.

We are determined to ensuring you have a hassle free claims process, minimising the disruption to your day to day activity, so you can get on with running your business. All you need to do is provide us with some details regarding your R&D project and we’ll take it from there.

Give us a call today on 0114 272 4984 and find out more about what tax relief you claim.