Spring Budget 2024 – National Insurance and Property Tax cuts

The spring Budget delivers no surprises IN WHAT WAS probably his last budget in the current parliament, the Chancellor of [...]

HMRC’s New Dividend Non-Disclosure Campaign

HMRC HAVE ADVISED that they have commenced a “One to Many” letter campaign directed at shareholders who they suspect may [...]

The ABC of Tax Planning with Alphabet Shares

THE USE OF so-called Alphabet shares has been a staple in the world of tax planning for some time. These [...]

Taxman Targets Online Sellers

WITH THE GROWING popularity of online selling platforms like TikTok and Etsy, HMRC has increased attention on the tax implications [...]

Tax on Cryptoassets – HMRC’s new disclosure service

HMRC's new Cryptoasset disclosure service - what it means for you IN THE FAST-moving landscape of digital finance, HMRC has [...]

Autumn Budget Statement 2023

IN A LARGELY uninspiring speech and, amidst declining inflation rates, the Chancellor's Autumn Statement delivered some fairly unspectacular tax cuts. [...]

When are Directors liable for unpaid company taxes?

IN THE UK's corporate realm, the concept of limited liability shields directors from personal accountability for company debts, including tax [...]

TAXING BEAUTY – HMRC’s new approach to VAT for cosmetic procedures

DUE TO THE rapid growth of the private cosmetic medical sector in the UK, some noticeable shifts have begun to [...]

Offshore Companies and Rental Income Tax

HMRC IS SENDING letters to some offshore (non-resident) companies that appear to have failed to notify that they own commercial [...]

Tax Planning with Beneficial Interest Company Trusts – the challenges for Landlords

THE EVER-CHANGING landscape of UK tax law has prompted landlords to explore alternative legal structures for tax efficient property ownership. [...]

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